October Gardening Tasks

Autumn is one of the most magical seasons. With the leaves on trees turning to a crisp gold, red and bronze, it’s just the best time to garden. As winter is closing in why don’t you try whooping up something in your garden? Gardening is known to be therapeutic but this is not its only benefit. Don’t you just love the fresh scent of a blooming flower, or the misty dew drops on it in the morning? Nature is beautiful, and gardening makes us appreciate it more. Try gardening this season, you may enjoy it more than you think. This October, there are plenty gardening tasks we need to handle and these are the top 10 on that list.

Clean up

No doubt there are loose leaves and twigs laying around in your front porch and also in your garden during this time of the year. Get a rake or a broom and get it all out. Don’t forget to pull out old stumps and dead roots in the process. It’s best to prepare and leave the soil ready for planting.


You will need to loosen up the soil a little bit in preparation of planting. Nothing really tasking, use a digging fork or a hand shovel and till the soil a little bit. This is only to make sure that moisture deeply penetrates the soil.

Remake beds

Assuming you have not used your garden in a while or maybe you do not even have one, you will need to section out a convenient area and make beds. You can do this after loosening the soil just so you can plant in orderliness.


Feel free to add a little bit of compost to the soil. Either manure or protective covering (mulching) to really increase the soils fertility and aid plant’s growth.

Start planting

October is the ideal time for planting shrubs, trees, bulbs etc. This is to ensure that you have flowers till at least February. Remember Halloween is just around the corner so you will need to plant Pumpkins, lots of it too.


This is necessary as plants cannot survive without water. Watering twice a day in the morning and at night will make the soil hydrated enough for plant nutrients.


When your plants start sprouting, you will need to even out their growth by pruning. Also, do not let weeds and other unwanted plants compete with them, take out weeds whenever they grow.


Just in case the cool winter air starts reeling in, you will need to transplant some of the flowers to a flower pot and groom them inside your home. You can leave your Pansies, Cabbage, Chrysanthemums and other flowers a lot longer, as long as you provide frost protection on those cold nights.


After transplanting, you will need to water the beds and flower pots again. This is to make sure that the soil doesn’t run out of moisture and nutrients.


If you planted Pumpkin, Squash, Tomatoes, Carrots, Garlic etc., feel free to harvest them when they are fully ripe. You can afford to leave out vegetables like Cabbages, Cauliflowers and Brussel Sprouts because they can still be harvested in winter. Also, wait for the Pumpkin to fully harden before harvesting it.

Gardening doesn’t only make you feel better it saves you the cost of buying certain flowers and food items. This October, get your hands dirty with these gardening tasks.

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