November Gardening Tasks

November is really a month worth to remember. It’s a month to put your garden back to its best shape and look. It’s a time to experiment and also to carve out good plans for your next year gardening. It’s a month to fall back and give more attention to your perennial plants and polish your gardening tools.

Below are Ten Gardening Tasks that will make your November a month to remember.

Lubricate your Gardening Tools

Winter comes with a harsh atmosphere and it is also unfavorable to our garden tools. You should cultivate it as a habit to regularly clean and oil your garden tools after use. This will help to increase the lifespan of your tools, therefore, saving cost to purchase new ones.

Harvest this November

coincidentally, November is also a month of harvest. Most of your vegetables and fruits may be ready for harvest. Harvest is a season of joy and rewards. Take advantage of the month.


There are so many plants that you can grow through winter such as the Primrose, a newly discovered plants that display beautiful colors that looks like winter roses.

Relocate your tender plants

November is the best time to protect those tender plants in your garden. You can protect them by moving them to the greenhouse, it’s a noble task for the month.

Hardwood Cuttings

It’s a great time to do some hardwood cutting of those deciduous shrubs and fruits. It is not an easy one, but you will enjoy its reward of fulfillment when done.


Pruning is a garden task that can keep you busy. Take a few hours daily to prune the fruit trees and roses. Next, use your rake and clear the fallen leaves from the lawns.

Protect your plants with netting

To increase your plant’s chances of surviving from predators such as birds during the winter, it is a good idea to cover your plants with recommended netting.

Make Your Soil Better

It’s not just about planting and harvesting, November is also a great time of the year to enrich the soil with manure to increase its efficiency for more years to come. Manure will effectively aid the growth of your winter plants.

Save the Flowers

Winter is coming and believe me it is no friend with some plants such as your beautiful flowers. Use this month to pot your plants and move them indoors. This will not just save your plants from the weather, it will also make your home look beautiful through the winter.

Plant Berries

No other month is better than the berry November to plant your berries. Berries are amazing fruits and can survive the winter.

Make your garden a wonder throughout the month of November. These gardening tasks above should put you in the right direction towards achieving this goal. These are the top ten gardening task to indulge in November.

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