Gardening tips – Jobs to do in March

gardening tips

gardening tips

As spring arrives this month, March brings sunny days and gardening opportunities. March is the sowing and growing month, where you should prepare seed beds, sow seeds, cut back winter shrubs and have a general tidy up of the garden. We’ve laid out some gardening tips to prepare your garden for the best spring season.

Top 10 jobs

  • Protect new spring shoots from slugs, otherwise they will feed on your plants. Protect young plants with a simple bottle cloche or other barrier methods.
  • Plant shallots, onion sets and early potatoes as well as summer-flowering bulbs.
  • Lift and divide overgrown clumps of perennials. Perennial plants are healthiest and most productive when they are young and have room to spread.
  • Top dress containers with fresh compost. Plant in early spring so that plants quickly put out roots and become established.
  • Mow lawn on dry days, if needed, to keep up on the maintenance of your garden.
  • Cut back Dogwood (Cornus) and Willow (Salix), before the leaves begin to appear on the stems, is traditionally considered the best time to prune.
  • Hoe and mulch weeds to keep them under control early. Mulch benefits plants by keeping the soil cool and moist and depriving weeds of light.
  • Start feeding fish and using the pond fountain, and remove pond heaters. Without care ponds can soon become an eyesore with overgrown plants, weeds and water that is unhealthy for fish and other wildlife.
  • Prune bush and climbing roses. A tip for pruning climbing rosebushes is to not prune them for two or three years, thus allowing them to form their long arching canes.

Gardening calendars are only a guide because so much depends on the weather in March, sometimes it can be spring like, other times cold and frosty. Still there are warmer days and with the increasing light levels it is a good time to start sowing seeds for later in the year. Follow these gardening tips for the most productive spring season.

Remember that you there are many reputable firms of landscape gardeners that can help you achieve the best results in your garden.

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