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November Gardening Tasks

November is really a month worth to remember. It’s a month to put your garden back to its best shape and look. It’s a time to experiment and also to carve out good plans for your next year gardening. It’s a month to fall back and give more attention to your perennial plants and polish [Continue]

October Gardening Tasks

Autumn is one of the most magical seasons. With the leaves on trees turning to a crisp gold, red and bronze, it’s just the best time to garden. As winter is closing in why don’t you try whooping up something in your garden? Gardening is known to be therapeutic but this is not its only [Continue]

September Gardening Tasks

No matter how cool and gusty the September weather is, there are lots of useful tasks you can carry out in your garden. Whilst at this time of year it doesn’t feel like there’s much to do compared to other months, it’s the best time to survey the garden and split up surviving plants while [Continue]