10 Best Roses for Your Garden

best roses

Well, don’t we all just love to bask in the warm and comforting feeling of a beautiful space that radiates the best of mother nature? Nothing can beat an English garden when it comes to being at peace. Ranging from the array of beautiful flowers to the relaxing feel of the pure and natural air, there is always something to look forward to. That said, a garden is hardly perfect without the presence of a rose, and there are of course several roses to choose from. So, if you need the magical presence of roses in your garden then read on for our rundown of the best varieties.

1)    Princess Anne:

This British plant radiates perfect health. Princess Anne has a medium fragrance to it and gives your garden that pop of bold pink it deserves.

2)    Lady of Shallot:

This beauty is perfect for containers or rose hedges. It emits a medium but fantastic scent and does come in the colour orange, plus it is shaped in the form of a chalice. Opting for the lady of Shallot is sure to work some wonders in your garden.

3)    Malvern Hills:

Well, if you love gorgeous yellow coloured petals, then the Malvern Hills is for you. It’s a musk light fragrance, and the way it blooms in clusters makes it an absolute garden beautifier.

4)    James Galway

This rose is one climber you just can’t miss. It grows to its full glory in such a short time; it has a great scent, plus, it blooms in good numbers with every petal displaying amazing shades of pink.

5)    The Lady of The Lake:

This is one great rose plant whose pale pink flowers freely and repeatedly blossom all through the season of summer. Its stems are flexible and slender, and it emits an appealing fruity fragrance.

6)    Port Sunlight

If you are a lover of the apricot colour and the tea fragrance, then this beauty would be a great addition to your British garden. It displays repeated flowering and is an English shrub rose.

7)    Susan Williams-Ellis:

Isn’t there something so enchanting and pure about a white coloured English shrub rose. It possesses a strong old rose fragrance and is winter hardy. Undoubtedly perfect for your garden.

8)    Golden Celebration:

A brilliant Citrus smell emanates from these numerous petaled rose. For the best look, place this yellow coloured beauty in a mixed border where it can freely mix up with perennials.

9)    Queen of Sweden:

This rose boasts of 140 petals, a colour mix of soft pink and apricot and relatively few thorns. Just perfect and friendly fire your garden.

10)    Charlotte:

The Charlotte is one far from average British rose. Its blooms are soft yellow and face upward. What’s more, it stems have a good level of strength in them.

Overall, knowing the right roses that would get your garden to look beautiful can be effortless. Discussed above are ten options you can pick from.

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